Entroterra Ligure
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agenzia viaggi tour operator genova | consulenze turistiche | agenzia di viaggio genova Entroterra Ligure

Entroterra Ligure

Liguria has always been known and popular for its Riviere, the splendid sea, the fishing villages clinging to the rocks overlooking the clear blue expanse and the shoulders facing the centuries-old dry stone walls. There is however another Liguria: a shy land, sometimes closed, but only in appearance. It is the Liguria of the internal valleys, closed by the Apennine mountains and the first spurs of the Alps.

If the olive tree dominates the coast, chestnut and beech reign supreme here. Hard, harsh, almost rebellious land to be cultivated, like rebels were the Ligurian tribes who did not want to subject themselves to Roman power. Countries that for centuries were ancient imperial mountain fiefdoms which, although governed by noble Genoese families, were able to maintain their independence from the Republic of the Superb.
When the terrible period we are experiencing is only a sad memory, we will all feel the need to escape and to relish the joy of spending a few hours in the open air. A vacation then will not only be a leisure, but a powerful therapy to lift the spirit. And what better way to refresh yourself than to live a few days in contact with nature, to walk through enchanting villages suspended in time, to know the testimonies of a past that has always known how to respect the surrounding environment and amalgamate with it? The Ligurian hinterland is the ideal solution that will give you unforgettable experiences and sensations.
Trebbia Viaggi knows this well and that is why it offers naturalistic, historical, artistic itineraries or tailored to your interests. Our agency offers you splendid stays in the best structures in the area. At our offices you will find a wide range of monographs, guides, hiking maps and some of which we have actively collaborated in the creation of the texts.

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